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Wonder Woman

The Amazon Diana (Gal Gadot) is helping the British Spy Steve Trever (Chris Pin) to stop German General Ludendorff (Danny Huston) from stryking civilians with toxic gas. Unaspiring content and overloaded music, but thanks to outstanding acting performance - first of all to be mentioned David Thewlis - and well composed action, you can have a lot of fun with this comic adaptation.
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Wonder Woman

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Action / Comic / Fantasy / DC-Universe



Director: Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman

The story of this movie is a half-baked mixture of Greek mythology, a war movie, a tiny bit of Indiana Jones flair and the best of “Monuments Men”. Additionally this has been peppered with fantasy-action elements and a quite dull and often overloaded music score. On the other hand, the visual appearance is pleasant most of the time and the actors are doing their best. And they succeed in entertaining the audience – up to the smallest role. This is true for the amazons during the first quarter as well as for the mission group within the last half of the movie. Outstanding is Gal Gadot, who uses all she has been equipped with, and most of all David Thewlis as Sir Patrick.

Wonder Woman
During the movie there is a permanent lack of tension. But you might ignore this due to the visual attractiveness and the overall amount of high-quality action-scenes. That the erotic scene between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine is some kind of flubbed is fitting into this picture. But “Wonder Woman” is a perfect movie for sitting down, laying back and just consuming the visual appearance. Bringing this film to an overall length of more than two hours wasn’t necessary from my point of view. Now you have to pay for the extra-time in the cinema and won’t even get an extra scene after the end titles, as the integration into the DC Universe with Bruce Wayne has already been done before.


Original title: Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

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