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Run Lola Run

A romantically philosophical "Action-Love-Experimental Thriller"
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Run Lola Run

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**** *** 59%

Action-Love-Experimental Thriller

Director: Tom Tykwer
Original titles: Lola rennt




Manni's boss is a shady car dealer. One day he gets DM 100,000, but Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu) has to carry it in a bag for him using the underground. And it's not his day. There is a ticket check and Manni of course doesn't have a ticket. So, what should he do? - He leaves the bag and steps out of the train trying not to get caught.
A few minutes later he has to tell his boss about it. But the latter doesn't see the funny side because he desperately needs the money. So he gives Manni 20 minutes to raise another DM 100,000 - otherwise he'll be dead...
As a last resort Manni calls his girlfriend Lola. And Lola runs!

Run Lola Run



Criticism: Run Lola Run"Run Lola Run" received 8 awards at the 49th German Movie Awards: Best movie, best supporting actress (Nina Petri), best supporting actor (Herbert Knaup), best director (Tom Tykwer), best camera, best cut und both filmgoers' awards: Best movie and best actor/actress of the year (Franka Potente)! Even if he doesn't get a prize Moritz Bleibtreu also puts on a very good performance as Manni. Tom Tykwer has tried some really experimental elements in this film, expecially in using camera and cut in order to produce effects. He hasn't done it in the high-tech style of Hollywood with thousands of computer animations but with real scenes shot on location. In this way he has produced a lot of atmosphere...
Comment: When this movie was first shown in Oktober 1998 in Germany only one CineClub Editor saw the performance - you can see his valuation above. 59% isn't the top score but if you like some fun without Hollywood-style characters and typical plots you should go and see this film. We would be happy to welcome you back to give us your impressions in our "Run-Lola-Run-Forum".

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Run Lola Run

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