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Blair Witch Project

Real horror shocked America. With not a single sound of music, but instead with shaky camera work, two directors make the horror film of the year.
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December 1999:
Blair Witch Project

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**** **** 76%
Direction: Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
Contents: Blair Witch Project„In October 1994 three students disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while making a documentary. Here is what was found later."

That is what you can see at the beginning of the movie. Then it starts very harmlessly. The three students (Heather Donahue, Michael Williams, Joshua Leonard) interview the inhabitants of the little town Burkittsville, which is in the same place as Blair was said to be once. They obviously enjoy their work and don’t believe one word of the stories the people tell them, no matter how grim they look.

In the forest, they can’t find any evidence for the supposed witch until they completely lose their orientation. Suddenly they are woken up by the voices of little children, which are said to have been dead for centuries. They are scared to death.

  Background: The movie is based on a legend. And this legend is completely made up by some internet-junkies. They wanted to have an extraordinary site and they had the idea of this witch-legend. This site was to become one of the most visited sites in the USA.

Two independent directors wanted to make a movie out of this. They sent three volunteers into the woods and told them to film everything, every spoken word. All the mysterious voices in the background at night are from the team.


Blair Witch Project




It is extremely difficult to form an opinion about this movie. For the main secret of the movie had already been revealed through the press, there was no bitter aftertaste of truth which the American audience must have had. The movie claims to be authentic. You could believe what you see, if you didn't already know what had really happened.

The movie also claims to be a horror film. Unfortunately it is no longer horror when you know the truth. But if you let yourself go along with the idea of the film you can get quite shocked.
For the actors did not know what was going to happen, they acted like anyone else would do. That, and the camera work that doesn’t really exist make the movie seem so real. It seems as if you are watching "Americas Funniest Home Videos" and we all know, that that is real!
The directors had a stroke of genius. They managed to make a movie with an unbelievably small budget, which seems more real and shocks more than many Hollywood horror movies can.


Blair Witch Project




What kind of movie can that be? Shaky pictures?? A black screen for minutes??? Who is going to watch that???? That might be the thoughts of someone who hears something of the movie before watching it. But only if you actually experience the whole development, if you see all the others trying to recognise something on the dark fuzzy screen and you are so afraid of it, that you would rather not see it at all. Only in that case you can understand the people who highly praise the movie!

It is the end that makes the movie so fascinating. It is said in the beginning of the movie but still remains completely open. Just imagine they had made a happy ending, would we talk about it?

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