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Scary Movie 2

The Wayans’ second part: They didn’t laugh about "Scream" again. This time they picked up pieces from every Hollywood movie they remembered.
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Scary Movie 2

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*** **** 83%
Genre: Comedy
Direction: Keenen Ivory Wayans

Scary Movie 2

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Exorcist. Do you remember? There was a party and a crazy child… That’s what we know – but this time it happens much more dramatically . First the pater wants to follow the "fuck-me"-advice, and then they are racing each other at puking. That tastes good!

After "Scary Movie (1)", all those still alive are back again. Cindy (Anna Faris), Shorty (Marlon Wayans), Ray (Shawn Wayans) and Brenda (Regina Hall) are studying. They are in the same class about psychodelic mysteries. And their professor (Tim Curry) and his assistant Dwight (David Cross) have a great idea. They have prepared a house with lot of cameras. Inside this house there is an old poltergeist (Richard Moll). A class excursion should give a lot of impressions about the interaction between humans and ghosts. Ok, let’s go to the House on Haunted Hill, excuse me, Hell House, that’s of course what I wanted to say.

With a lot of more or less creative gags, the Wayans make lots of hokus pokus. They come along with smoking plants, invisible lovers, gay clowns, and the disgusted butler Hanson (Chris Elliot). In one scene the ghost makes Hanson work with Shorty’s brain like Hannibal Lecter did. Of course there is always enough time left for some erotic moments…

Scary Movie 2

The whole film the Wayan brothers copy everything from other films. There are some pieces from "Charly’s Angels", "Exorcist" and "Titanic", some parts from "Mission Impossible 2", "Hollow Man" and "Poltergeist", ideas of "House on Haunted Hill" and many more films of this genre. The usage and disorientation of this movie mixture is the greatest and the worst thing about the movie. With every joke the Wayans make some visitors laugh but others don’t catch it – or even don’t like the joke. So the visitors switch from enthusiasm to lack of understanding or even rage while they are watching "Scary Movie 2". One example: Would you like to see a scene from "Charly’s Angels" that is stopped suddenly with a baseball bat? If you like the film, you think that’s a bad joke – if not, you maby laugh about the confused situation… But there is always a ghost effect or a really "soft" dialogue that brings you back to the film.

The real story of "Scary Movie 2" is mostly senseless, sometimes illogical. The actors’ performances are worse than other horror movies – but there are a few highlights. And the fact that "Scary Movie 2" copies some scenes from "Scary Movie (1)" is not bad. If a gag is great for the first time, bringing it back to the audience twice or more is even greater.

What does this all tell us? Scary Movie 2 is a stupid, badly performed Hollywood movie, that exists only in stolen ideas. But if you know all this and expect some hours of entertainment you will enjoy this film. By the way: Does the old ghost like the topsy-turvy hollow sex more than the anal clown games with Ray? We will never know…


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Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 2

Scary Movie 2

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