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America's Sweethearts

Without any surprises Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Cusack and Julia Roberts give us a lot of entertainment…
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America's Sweethearts

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Genre: Comedy
Direction: Joe Roth
Contents: For Gwen (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Eddie (John Cusack) the best days of their life havee already gone. Once they were together. They made a lot of fantastic movies. Everyone in Hollywood knew about the great love between Gwen and Eddie.

Today Gwen is living together with a Spanish guy – and Eddie is studying himself in a monastery, because he tried to kill Gwen…

However there is a last film in which they act together. For both of them it’s the only chance for a comeback into the high society of Hollywood. But the director is crazy. He forces the production company to manage a premiere with all famous newspaper writers.

Nobody is able to take a look at the film before – not even the financial backers…

Because it’s the only reason, the production company organises a PR party at a hotel in the middle of a desert… Gwen and Eddie meet at this party. Not enough: They must tell everyone that they are together again.

First it seems that this plan will succeed but then Kiki (Julia Roberts), Gwen’s sister and assistant suddenly plays a much more important role…

  Review: Without any surprises director Joe Roth has pruduced a high wave of entertainment and romance. The tempo is really fast, so you can’t get bored. First of all John Cusack’s and Julia Roberts’ perfomances make the film so romantic.

Because of the topic and the beginning of the film you could expect that "Amerca’s Sweethearts" would be a kind of parody of hollywood films, the press and the whole high society. But the film concentrates on private details most of the time. On the one hand there is the fight between sisters on the other hand there are the most important Spanish centimeters…

You will like America’s Sweethearts if a few minutes of entertainment are all you want.


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