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Three to Tango

Gay or not - coming out is never easy. Oscar Novak (Matthew Perry) has to learn this in Damon Santostefano's new comedy.
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June 2000:
Three to Tango

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***** **** 87%
Genre: Comedy
Direction: Damon Santostefano
Contents: The two architects Oscar (Matthew Perry) and Peter (Oliver Platt) want to make the biggest deal of their live. The rich business man Charles Newman (Dylan McDermott) is to pay them more than one million dollars for reconditioning an old building.

But Charles loves his new girlfriend Amy (Neve Campbell). Instead of thinking about the two architects' plans he has to fight against his jealousy. Next week there will be a party for the opening of Amy's art exhibition, and he won't be there, because he must eat something in a restaurant together with his wife... But Amy's old lover will be there - and he's a very strong and attractive man! Because Charles has been told that Oscar Novak is gay he asks him to meet his girlfriend and keep an eye on her.

And - while Charles is sure that Amy is safe with Oscar - things turn out like they always do: Oscar falls in love with Amy. But the big problem is that she thinks he only loves men, too. And the worst problem is that Oscar soon becomes the most famaous gay business man of the city and he is supposed to discribe his situation to a big audience at a festival.

  Review: It's thin ice the trio of story writers and director are walking on: On the one hand everything should seem as real as possible, on the other hand nobody should feel dicriminated against. And beside the comedy the story mustn't get lost... And we can say: They succeed - not least because of the ambitios performances of the actors!

While Neve Campbell shows us all her routine and emotional power, Oliver Platt and Matthew Perry sometimes seems to be more spontanous. For the pleasures of all her fans Neve Campbell has to beat another person (like in "Scream!"). And the end of film doesn't only show us the casts' names but gives us a bonus scene, too. Though there is a little bit missing for a "Cineclub Movie Award", Three to Tango is an entertaining comedy of a high standard.


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