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For Love of the Game

The discovery of tardiness. Lovestory about Kevin Costner and baseball.
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May 2000:
For Love of the Game

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**** *** 68%
Genre: Lovestory
Direction: Sam Raimi
Contents: Aus Liebe zum Spiel: Billy Capel (Kevon Costner)Oh, it's not Billy Chapel's day. It should be a nice final of this baseball season. But nothing goes right: First Billy's girlfriend Jane (Kelly Preston) doesn't come to their date. And then the owner of the Tigers, Billy's baseball team, tells him that he has sold the team and the new bosses want the Tigers to be their b-team and Billy (Kevin Costner) to be transferred to one of their other teams. Billy always was a Tiger, Billy is a Tiger, and Billy wants the final of his personal career to happen together with the Tigers. So this could be the perfect moment for his final game - but Billy loves playing baseball much more than anything in the world.

But there is Jane: When she tells him that she's going to fly to London to work there, Billy has another position to think about. This baseball game is the most important of his whole life. He takes a deep look in his mind back to the days when he first met Jane - and he gets a great chance to write baseball history!


Aus Liebe zum Spiel - Jane (Kelly Preston)

  Review: A really convincingly performance from Kevin Costner - especially when he's tactless, much more emotional acting Kelly Preston and a lot of real baseball players... Sam Raimi gives us a lot of atmosphere. But the baseball game is stretched up to 100 minutes, one flash back comes after another... Sometimes it's really boring and without any tempo. During the first 100 minutes there is no point that couldn't have been shorter!

But all the yawning visitors get the next 20 minutes. And they are much better: The final of the baseball game can even make some of the visitors clap their hands and shout out loud their enthusiasm. In contrast to other parts of the film the only character to be presented in a short time is Ken Strout (Carmine Giovinazzo).

Now, when everyone is happy, the film goes back to its beginning. The end is as boring and stretched as the start! Sam Raimi wanted to direct a good love story, but he didn't. Even the actors can't really rescue this film...


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Aus Liebe zum Spiel

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